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Downloadable/Printable PDF Resources
Grocery store poster
Doorstep poster
How to start a fridge
About the Cathedral Community Fridge
Mutual aid booklet
Voting Procedure
Team duties and procedures
Community Fridges & Other Free Stores

*Community Fridge Mission Statement - The Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation
*Mutual Aid Mission Statement - The Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation
How to Volunteer - Food Not Bombs
Collective Care Is Our Best Weapon against COVID-19
*About Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – Solidarity Not Charity
Community Fridges Provide Vital and Visible Relief in the War on Hunger by "Shelterforce"


Community Fridge/Free Store Theory & History

*Anarchist Responses to a Pandemic
*Sanitization & Food Safety - COVID-19 Safety Practices
*How to Lend Your Specific Skills - Skills-zine-3-pdf.pdf (
How to Start a Mutual Aid Network - 
How to Replicate
An Anarchist Perspective on Addressing Food Insecurity - The Conquest of Bread: Chapter 5 Food
An Anarchist Perspective on Class Division Based on Capitalism - Expropriation
*What Exactly Is Mutual Aid & How to Get Involved

*Mutual Aid vs Charity
*What Is Mutual Aid (And How Can It Build Power)
What Is Mutual Aid, and How Can It Help With Coronavirus?


Reading & Theory (1960s-90s) - Present:

When Every Community Is Ground Zero
*Anarchist Responses to a Pandemic
*Class Struggle & Mental Health - PDF
Living Through Catastrophe - PDF
*Freedom Archives - Revolution by the Book
The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many - The Anarchy Archives
Revolution by the Book - The AK Press Blog

Information on Tenants Unions

Most are from the USA but can be modified according to location
*Tenants General Info Archive
KEEP YOUR RENT: Organizing Materials by "Parkdale Organize"
Unable to Pay Rent Template Letter - COVID Landlord Letter Template
*COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Guide
*How to Start a Neighborhood Pod
*Resources on Tenant Organizing, Housing & Gentrification


Workers Rights, Unions, & Organizing

Directory for Canadian Worker Unionizing - Industrial Workers of the World
(1905 - Present) The Biggest Union in the World - Industrial Workers of the World
Origin of The IWW
*Industrial Workers of the World (
(1933) Canadian Commonwealth Federation Saskatchewan
*COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources- Scroll down to find Canada - 


 Global News & Zines

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – Solidarity Not Charity
Health and Wellness
News That Matters - News Zine
Mutual Aid Resource & Writings Blog
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Zine


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