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About Community Fridges & Other Mutual Aid Efforts


Community Free Stores have been a massive part of human rights movements,

sustainability movements, overcoming oppression and other forms of unification. 
We believe this can be achieved by forming independence and support structures outside of inadequate social assistance programs.
Mutual Aid structures organically start to form in times of dire need as a useful and effective resource to all. 
These methods have been successfully addressing inadequacies in the system since the mid-late 1800s,
so there are tons of resources and methods to explore!
Mutual Aid originated in the days of slavery when there was a ruling class, and those that were ruled and exploited. Since we still operate under this system, we must continue our unification to aid in survival of the fittest (us).
Studies show that mutual aid organizing is the single most effective method to addressing all forms of need throughout history.
By bringing together communities based on need vs. ability to access resources, there is no opportunity to be without, since access is free!
We leave out toxic and discriminatory systems that leave humanity struggling to survive and without basic human needs being met.

Community Fridges are a type of spontaneous mutual aid that arises when needs are not being met.
This allows for adaptability that is not governed or restricted based on economic or political agendas!

Free Stores and Community Fridges are 100% community run, used, maintained, and loved!
Without respecting democratic and decentralized ways of being, we are going directly against the very basic principles of solidarity.
Mutual Aid is an act of solidarity, not charity.
This means that there is no need to prove whether or not you are worthy of
basic human needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and respect.
We believe that each and every living being is deserving of these things, so we are not to question or ask for proof of these needs.
Community Fridges are free to use by everyone and operate based on the needs and abilities of the local communities they are in. 

Since need is temporary, we must nurture the needs we have that make basic survival impossible so that we may build strong communities.
In return we ask that those using it help keep it clean, loved, and stocked when possible.
It is important to utilize many hands to make light work...
Each of us deserves basic human needs without any questions or judgement. 

In order for us to effectively do this, it’s important for you to feel included, valid, useful, and cared for in this Community Fridge!
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any skills, resources, passion, input, or other useful things that you would like to provide for this particular Community effort.
Since you’re a member of this local Community, you know exactly what your local Community needs!

Click here for information so that you may better familiarize yourself the history and real world examples of Mutual Aid organizing.
We are always happy to lend guidance and resources we have accumulated during our individual experiences doing mutual aid.
Please feel free to ask for clarification when needed!


Love, health, & Solidarity,

The Cathedral Community Fridge

By the community, for the community.

"From each according to their ability, to each according to their need"
About Community Fridges
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