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Flash Food Pick-up Guide

Click here to join our Whatsapp "Pick-up Group" to pick up your first order!

1. Check the "Pick-up Group" for any Flash Food orders that need to be picked up.


2. Pick the order you'd like to bring to the fridge and confirm your pick-up plans with group.

3. Gather the name the order is under and which location to pick up from.


4. Ask customer service at designated Super Store for the order using the name provided and bring directly to fridge.


5. Once order is picked up and fridge is stocked, take any photos you'd like and submit to the group so we can post on the Instagram!

Food Safety Reminder

Carefully inspect all food items before putting them into the fridge, freezer, or pantry. 
If items do not meet donations requirements, please dispose of items appropriately. If there's a mess, we hope that you will clean it, as this is (y)our Community Fridge.
Be sure to maintain organization, food safety protocols, and respect when volunteering at our Community Fridge.
This food is yours to take, but please be courteous to the elderly, children, and those that may be disabled in any way.

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